Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thug Zapper or Shock around the Clock

The Houston Chronicle is reporting that the Houston City Council has approved the use of electric fences by businesses to protect property. (Electric Fence Ordinance Story)The vote on council was 9-5 in favor of the ordinance.

Under the ordinance,

•The electric fence must be surrounded by a regular perimeter fence, with warning signs in English, Spanish and Vietnamese. Near homes, the perimeter fence must be a solid barrier to prevent children from poking things through that might touch the charged fence.

•The electric fence must be powered from a 12-volt battery and the current must not exceed 8,000 volts. The current must be pulsating, not continuous.

•The electric fence must be registered with the Houston Fire Department, and first responders should have the ability to shut off the power to the fence.

•The fence cannot be electrified between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., unless the business is closed on weekends or security guards are on the grounds and can deactivate the fence quickly.

I'm curious to hear what you think about the new ordinance.

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Eric Hagebusch said...

Mr. Rocha,

I agree that we should be allowed to have the fences - but I think that they have placed to many restrictions. As long as there are losers out there trying to steal the things that I work hard for, I should be able to protect/defend it.

On another note - long time no talk. Call me, send me an email, and add me as a contact on LinkedIn. We should get together for lunch or coffee.